Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Gotta love having friends with special talents... truly priceless! These are my latest treasures. Neck warmers/head wraps can be used on a daily basis living in these crazy cold climates. I am lucky enough to have a sister/ girlfriend whos momsie knits like a whiz! The best gifts are those from the heart, and that is exactly where these are from...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

easy breezy...

Ho ho ho!
that's right... the holidays are here again! Here we go with the crazy days of the christmas season. whatever can make life a little easier during this time is a small xmas gift! here is a quick tip to get into the season's festive feel by pushing a button. two words... REMOTE CONTROL! operate your outdoor lights from the sofa... eliminating the need to have to run outside (into the frozen tundra) to enjoy the fun outdoor glows.
wishing you all a warm, safe, healthy holiday season filled with many laughs!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hi all,
I'm back for a couple of days and just wanted to drop a quick, easy, declutter tip your way. For all those great holiday cards we receive this season here is a way to display them without taking up a whole counter or tabletop. Simply string fun x-mas lights from different ends of the room and attach cards to the string in between lights. There are a ton of fun colored clips out there to attach them with.. what ever toots your horn! Have fun and enjoy the christmas season... clutter free!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

hi all!
how time flys when working away from home. sorry for the laps in time... crazy long days and never enough time to fit it all in. life is good, everyone is healthy and staying busy... the things that really matter... right! anyway, here is one of our(my family) latest projects... a new/reclaimed light post in our yard! lots of planning and gathering, but it all paid off.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


hi all,
i finally escaped... i've been held hostage by an angry mob of poorly dressed african monkey killers!

all right, not really, but it was kind of a crazy and adventurous ride for a minute.... anyway, i have jumped off the boat for awhile with this blogger stuff, no excuse, just got busy. however, i'm back for @ least today... here's what i've got for you folks (such a funny word, say it once), my lastest and greatest adventures...

#1. my main squeeze hit the big 40 this weekend. rented a boat with as many of his homies as we could fit aboard... great friends, funny stories, uoodles of laughs!

#2. my latest fashion finds... all about the recycled garments... LOVE THIS STUFF!!!
talk about unique and full of character, check it out!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Let the madness begin!!!  Time to jump into those new rides for the spring and summer 2009 collections.  Lets get started with the crazy kicks...

1) ESPADRILLE WEDGE: casual comfort with ladylike details.
2) FRINGED SANDALS: adorned bohemian style with beachy appeal.
3) WOOD PLATFORMS: clean and sexy (personal favs).
4)ROUND TOE PUMPS: energetic, yet vintagey allure.
5)OPEN-TOE FLATS: fancied -up twist on the walk everywhere skimmer.
6) SLIVER-WEDGE SANDALS: light and springy, yet polished.
7) SPRING BOOTS: a western stye lower leg flashing shape (certainly not for all).
8) PLATFORM SANDALS: summers essential party shoe!

Now onto the hottest threads rolling out this season...

1) FLORALS: playful prints with ultra-feminine flourishes.
2) SUITING: light and crisp, slim and summery.
3) LUSH & AIRY: floaty fabrics romantic in the most wearable way.
4) STRUCTURED SEXY: nipped waists, bondage-inspired details, skyscraper heels, ultra sleek.
5) SPORTY SLICK: fun clothes, equal parts streetwise and flirty.

That wraps up my 'HOT HITS' for the 2009 spring/summer collections.  However, most important of all is the HAVE FUN RULE!  Enjoy every day, rain or shine, life is good!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

all right... i know you were all on the edge of your seats just waiting to see what new and exciting venture i was brewing up( yeah.... riiight) anyway, here goes.....

Yesterday we actually had a really fun, productive and interesting day @ Stone's Throw Winery  in Egg Harbor, WI.  We were there with INSIGHT magazine shooting stills and doing video.  Such a "kool" place in itself,  not to mention the exceptional wine and amazing staff!  Defiantly worth your time to check it out.